The Danaides were fifty daughters of Danaus that were to marry the fifty sons of Danaus' twin, Aegyptus. Fourty-nine of the Danaides killed their husbands on their wedding night. The fourty-nine daughters are now condemned to carry water in a sieve in Tartarus. The Danaid that didn't kill her husband was named Hypermnestra. Her husband, Lynceus, respected her wish to remain a virgin so she didn't kill him. Lynceus killed Danaus as revenge for the deaths of his brothers.

Names and HusbandsEdit

Daughters of Elephantis to sons of ArgyphiaEdit

  • Hypermnestra to Lynceus
  • Gorgophone to Proteus

Daughters of Europe to sons of ArgyphiaEdit

  • Automate to Busiris
  • Amymone to Enceladus
  • Agave to Lycus
  • Scaea to Daiphron

Daughters of Atlanteia or Phoebe to sons of an Arabian womanEdit

  • Hippodamia to Istrus
  • Rhodia to Chalcodon
  • Cleopatra to Agenor
  • Asteria to Chaetus
  • Hippodamia to Diocorystes
  • Glauce to Alces
  • Hippomedusa to Alcmenor
  • Gorge to Hippothous
  • Iphimedusa to Euchenor
  • Rhode to Hippolytus

Daughters of an Ethiopian woman to sons of a Phoenician womanEdit

  • Pirene to Agaptolemus
  • Cercete to Dorios
  • Phartis to Eurydamas
  • Mnestra to Aegius
  • Evippe to Argius
  • Anaxibia to Archelaus
  • Nelo to Menemachus

Daughters of Memphis to sons of TyriaEdit

  • Clite to Clitus
  • Sthenele to Sthenelus
  • Chrysippe to Chrysippus

Daughters of Polyxo to sons of CaliadneEdit

  • Autonoe to Eurylochus
  • Theano to Phantes
  • Electra to Peristhenes
  • Cleopatra to Hermus
  • Eurydice to Dryas
  • Glaucippe to Potamon
  • Antheleia to Cisseus
  • Cleodore to Lixus
  • Evippe to Imbrus
  • Erato to Bromius
  • Stygne to Polyctor
  • Bryce to Chthonius

Daughters of Pieria to sons of GorgoEdit

  • Actaea to Periphas
  • Podarce to Oeneus
  • Dioxippe to Aegyptus
  • Adite to Menalces
  • Ocypete to Lampus
  • Pylarge to Idmon

Daughters of Herse to sons of HephaestineEdit

  • Hippodice to Idas
  • Adiante to Daiphron

Daughters of Crino to sons of HephaestineEdit

  • Callidice to Pandion
  • Oeme to Arbelus
  • Celaeno to Hyperbius
  • Hyperippe to Hippocorystes

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