Io is a Greek nymph.


Io is a Naiad nymph of River Inachus. Io was loved by Zeus and when the pair were about to be caught by Hera, Zeus turned Io into a white cow to hide her. Hera knew that the cow was Io so she asked Zeus to give her the cow as a present. He had no choice but to do so and Hera had Io tied up and guarded by Argus Panoptes. Zeus sent Hermes to free Io. Hermes told Argus Panoptes a very long and boring story and sent Argus Panoptes to sleep. Hermes then touched each of Argus' eyes, making them eternally closed and killing Argus Panoptes.

When Hera found Argus Panoptes dead and Io gone she send a gadfly to bite Io and follow her. The fly chased her to Egypt where Zeus restored her human form.


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